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Prime’s and Scandic Hotels’ campaign Scandic To Go has been nominated in the category Design: Brand Installations. 

(Wed Apr 15)

Swedish Business Intelligence Unit Expands Firm’s Strategy and Analytics Expertise in Region

(Tue Feb 17)

Weber Shandwick today was named to Advertising Age’s Agency A-List, the annual ranking of the nation’s best advertising and marketing firms. For the second year in a row, Weber Shandwick is the only public relations firm to be recognized on the Agency A-List. Advertising Age affirmed, “Public relations agencies don’t typically take the lead on digital or creative services or come up with risky ideas. But Weber Shandwick…isn’t just any PR agency.”

(Mon Jan 26)

Prime has together with its clients Scandic Hotels and Ecpat received two bronze awards in Eurobest, one of the top awards for Europe's creative communications industry. 

(Wed Dec 3)


The brief was to create awareness about Folkoperan within a younger audience by promoting the play the St Matthew Passion. In Folkoperan’s version of the play Jesus suffering has been replaced life stories of real people. So we took the main theme of the play and set it in a modern context that would be more relatable to a younger audience. Through the digital hub “Unshared” we encouraged people to post their own anonymous secrets in 140 characters. At the theatre the audience could write down their unshared secrets on a note and leave it in a box. After every show the box of secrets was posted on the hub, as well as on Folkoperan’s Twitter. To put the theme of the play in an even larger context we surveyed 1,000 people on what topics that are too taboo to share publicly. The results were presented to journalists and published on our website for those who wanted to learn more. 

In a digital age where there is endless inspiration for your home, how can IKEA continue to be the expert on life at home? IKEA takes DIY to the next level and introduces DIY data with The Life at Home Project: an initiative where data from people’s home lives in eight iconic cities are made accessible through an interactive gallery and a data hacking interface. The IKEA-developed Data Mixing Board allows you to generate own findings. The project was launched on IKEA’s Democratic Design Day in Älmhult, IKEA’s birthplace, and over 80 international journalists came. A global launch followed where journalists and nerds in key media segments were encouraged to assemble their own data. It turns out that DIY Data seems to be of interest to people all over the world. More than 150 000 000 read about it. Over 100 000 engaged on the digital hub. The project was called ”insanely detailed” by leading media, and even new product development suggestions inspired from the project were made by key journalist. Expert box: check.

In recent years, Scandic has made the biggest hotel renovation in Swedish history. Despite these efforts, many still see Scandic as a bit boring, with outdated rooms. Prime's mission was to develop an idea that would make more people become aware of the "New" Scandic and attract new audiences to the hotels. It was also to get new media target groups to cover the new innovations and interior changes. Together with Scandic, Prime developed a brand new hotel offering - Scandic To Go. Scandic To Go is the world's first mobile hotel room which guests can book their own dream location. The hotel room is fully equipped with all the comforts and modern furnishings as the newly renovated Scandic Hotels. With Scandic To Go as a communication engine we ran an integrated activation in both digital and traditional channels. Scandic To Go was a success. 


The brief was to promote Sweden as a creative country abroad through on one or more of its internationally successful creative industries. The objective of the campaign was to strengthen the image of Sweden abroad as a creative country in order to attract talent, tourism and investments. In 2011 Sweden was ranked as the world’s most creative country due to its high levels of talent, technology and tolerance. And tolerance, which was defined as openness and diversity, is where Sweden stands out the most. A small country as Sweden has always been dependent on adopting new ideas from the surrounding world, and it is even more important today in order to stay in the creative forefront.  Our strategy was to prove that being open to new perspectives and a diversity of ideas are crucial for creativity to flourish. So we launched the platform, a collaborative tool designed to create ideas and build on others’, aimed to inspire creators all over the world. 

Since its launch in October 2012, Civil Rights Defender’s Captcha has become world news with more than 400 published articles and tens of thousands tweets. Civil Rights Defender’s Captcha has so far reached over 700 million people across the globe.

What's hidden behind the logo becomes more and more important when consumers begin to ask: what do you stand for? Electrolux, with the campaign Vac From the Sea, has managed to merge corporate and marketing communication. 

Electrolux Silence Amplified

A lab study showed that people's vacuum cleaning influenced by what music they listen to

Kenny Begins

Kenny Starfighter was a ten year old children's programs that would suddenly make an unexpected comeback in the movie Kenny Begins.

How to prevent swine-flu

Young and famous Swedes told their own stories about the flu and interacted with young people. At the end of the campaign, Stockholm was the most vaccinated capital in the world.

Civil Rights Defenders

Two decades after the Cold War ended, the Swedish Helsinki Committee needed a new identity in order to dramatize the issues of human rights.

Brighten up

During the dark Swedish winter and in the wake of the U.S. presidential election, Fortum launched its own election campaign - Brighten up.

Dirty Calls

During the flu season, young people's most precious possession - the mobile phone - had to undergo a health check.

100 years of innovation

In 2009, Audi celebrated its centenary. The same year was 200 years since Charles Darwin was born. Then Audi launched the evolution theory of cars - Carwinism.

A praline would disappear from the traditional Swedish Aladdin-box to make room for a new one. The Swedish people were deciding which would be permitted to stay by voting for their favorite confection.


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